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DADDY ZERO is an independently owned and operated
punk, goth, vintage, rockabilly, retro, mod
and super snazzy fun online store.

weve collected the coolest, most unique, hand picked,
one of a kind items all in one little neeto store.
we have something for every different kind of person on the planet.
even stuff for your lippy kids, or for your crabby ass old grandma.

and, we ALWAYS have FREE shipping!!

gothic wear, cyber wear
shoes, socks, stockings, hats, vintage purses
brand new demonia purses
leather jewelry, body jewelry and sterling silver
stickers, patches, spikes, belts, belt buckles
candles, incense, posters
custom made one of a kind gifts
books, magazines, local music and t shirts
hair color, clip on colored hair peices, barettes novelties, toys
lots of bettie page stuff
vintage, and new clothing for men and women
and we have a TON more...

click below for our online store

and check out our sister stores while youre at it...